STEM Womxn Driving Innovation

I can’t speak for the other panelists, but I had a terrific time on this panel! We dove deep, talking about bettering outcomes for those underprivileged, what a diverse team really look like, our stories of persistence and resilience and how we’re making space for ourselves in these times to continue to stand out.

I am bold, and I’m not ashamed of it.

Michael Manning

A recap of a panel hosted by Breaking the Glass on Friday July 9, 2020.

Moderated by Nikole Phillips – Data Analytics Manager at Cloudflare, Inc, I was joined by speakers: Ally Lyles– Senior Product Marketing & Digital Strategy Consultant, Janell Guzman – MBA, PMP, USAA, and Joyce Deuley -Program Manager, Geekdom.

Honored to be a participant in an amazing discussion from top female leaders in the innovation and digital transformation space. View the link to see how we’re adapting and changing for the new demands in 2020 from remote working, diversity and inclusion and what they predict the work place will look like in the next normal.

Here’s the breakdown of each question: 

[06:19] What does digital transformation mean to you? 

[11:00] How do you feel about innovation, digital transformation and how it impacts change, diversity and injustices in our current landscape? And how does tech play a role? Do you think tech should even play a role in this arena? 

[17:00] Do we think we will get to the point where the term digital transformation is being used in the same manner across the board? When is too much digital transformation too much?

[24:00] What role do our counterparts advocate for us in the ‘room’? 

[26:45] How do you get buy-in during a remote atmosphere? 

[33:30] What is the best career advice you’ve been given? 

[40:35] How did you develop persistence? 

[49:19] What are key tips for the interview process for those with disabilities? 

[52:37] What’s the best way to brand yourself without pigeonholing yourself?  

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