What Formula One racing taught me about effective, high-speed teamwork

The extreme, high-octane sport is a breeding ground for creativity, innovation, and collaboration.

When I watched Formula 1: Drive to Survive, the Netflix docuseries offering a glimpse into the world of Formula One racing, I was immediately hooked by the stories of the teams, their drivers, and the triumphs and tragedies on the track. Formula One racing appears to be just another high-octane sport with a rabid fan base, but …

Values and its Impact on your Brand Experience

Reflecting on how a company’s values affect the internal and external behaviors demonstrated by those touched by an organization, we’ve started to see a shift in culture and brand being more intertwined with one another. Focusing on this concept can have a powerful impact for your customer experience programs.

Purpose + Promise and its Impact on your Brand Experience

What happens if an employee cannot easily explain their company’s brand purpose? Even worse, what if a customer is confused by the intention of your product?  According to a 2019 Study at PWC, done at companies that have clearly defined and communicated how they create value, 63% of employees say they’re motivated, versus 31% at …

How To Turn Your Employees Into Intrapreneurs

There’s a question that has become increasingly common in the age of Silicon Valley, where everything moves at the speed of innovation: How does a company grow, yet still maintain the drive, flexibility, and disruptive attitude of a startup? In other words, how do you bring the spirit of an entrepreneur along with you when you’re no longer a handful of people working out of a garage?

How to Improve Company Culture as a New Employee

Culture intersects with every aspect of a company, so much that even employees with divergent or corrective ideas may feel pressure to conform to alleviate the stress of not bonding with their workplace. But even when a company’s current culture is functional and pleasant, you should consider challenging it if it doesn’t support your most important objectives.

How to Cultivate a Positive Workplace That Keeps People Around

The word is out about the lack of retention, and it’s scary: Talented workers expect to stay with their employers fewer than two years. It takes time, skills, effort, and money to attract top talent, but these statistics tell us that the best and brightest workers are moving on almost before they go through their first boxes of business cards. While larger organizations court employees by offering hot benefits and perks, higher salaries, and other advantages, small- to mid-sized companies have advantages, too, such as fewer bureaucratic hurdles and more growth potential. In other words, this problem of retention is an internal one.

How to Cultivate Autonomy In Your Organization

Micromanaging employees can be the bane of a small business. Not only can it reduce employees’ confidence in themselves and in the leader’s ability to lead, but it can also devalue workplace appreciation, making workers feel unmotivated in their jobs and undervalued by their bosses. Delegating, on the other hand, might be both the least-practiced …

3 Steps to Keep Drama Out of The Workplace

Keeping drama out of the workplace isn’t just about political differences. There are countless reasons why you and your co-workers might not get along. Perhaps Jim is always gossiping, or Lisa doesn’t do her job. Occasional office squabbles are unavoidable, but there are ways to keep the workplace as close to drama-free as possible.  Unleashing the drama llama  …