What Formula One racing taught me about effective, high-speed teamwork

The extreme, high-octane sport is a breeding ground for creativity, innovation, and collaboration.

When I watched Formula 1: Drive to Survive, the Netflix docuseries offering a glimpse into the world of Formula One racing, I was immediately hooked by the stories of the teams, their drivers, and the triumphs and tragedies on the track. Formula One racing appears to be just another high-octane sport with a rabid fan base, but …

How to Transform Your Company Digitally

Digital transformations. The mere thought of them can breed palpitations in even the most stalwart oil and energy company leaders. It’s no surprise, really. Change never comes without its challenges, and digital change always comes with growing pains. Yet the perks of moving toward a digitally focused workforce with correlating forward-driven protocols far outweigh the temporary downsides. Besides, transforming isn’t a nice-to-do elective; it’s need-to-do directive.

3 Keys to Empowering the Next Wave of Innovation

A renewed focus on innovation is happening right now among the entrepreneurial, corporate and academic communities in Houston. In addition to the formation of Houston Exponential, the affiliated HX Venture Fund, and Station Houston, plans are in the works to create a 9.4-acre innovation district in Midtown as part of the city’s 2017 strategic plan to build an innovation ecosystem.