How to Engage Audiences Who Are Opting Out in 2021

How to Engage Audiences Who Are Opting Out in 2021

Audiences follow brands on social media for many reasons — to purchase or research new products and services, to feel understood, and to be entertained. I personally follow brands that inspire me and challenge my way of thinking. When brands or influencers focus too hard on making sales and ignore their customers’ needs, they risk the “unfollow.” How can brands retain their audiences for the long term? It starts with creating content that addresses customers’ wants and desires.

Values and its Impact on your Brand Experience

Reflecting on how a company’s values affect the internal and external behaviors demonstrated by those touched by an organization, we’ve started to see a shift in culture and brand being more intertwined with one another. Focusing on this concept can have a powerful impact for your customer experience programs.

Trust Based Marketing

Take a step back and put yourself in your customers’ shoes. They’re often wanting to make an informed decision and often have a number of choices at their horizon. If you've already developed a preference for your brand and a trusted relationship with them, you're making that decision easier for them.