Purpose + Promise and its Impact on your Brand Experience

What happens if an employee cannot easily explain their company’s brand purpose? Even worse, what if a customer is confused by the intention of your product?  According to a 2019 Study at PWC, done at companies that have clearly defined and communicated how they create value, 63% of employees say they’re motivated, versus 31% at …

STEM Womxn Driving Innovation

STEM Womxn Driving Innovation

Honored to be a participant in an amazing discussion from top female leaders in the innovation and digital transformation space. View the link to see how we're adapting and changing for the new demands in 2020 from remote working, diversity and inclusion and what they predict the work place will look like in the next normal.

4 Tools to Maximize Your Time at This Year’s Startup Conferences

“Learn all you can and develop all the tools you can for your toolbox — you never know when you’re going to need them.” I was fortunate enough to hear these words of advice from Nicole Forbes, my mentor. I met Nicole for the first time at the 2013 South by Southwest (SXSW), an annual, week-long event in Austin, Texas, that features film, interactive media, music, conferences and mentorship sessions.

Transition, Change, Disruption, New Stuff: How to Lead Your Team Through

Change is hard. Maintaining the status quo can seem so much easier than pushing an entire system into the turmoil that change can entail. When it comes to running a successful startup or small business, however, embracing transition is vital. It can be tricky to recognize the need for changes before it’s too late, but …